Credit Reports

On Time Rent Credits

$10.00 USD

$30.00 Setup Fee

crease your credit score with something you are already doing… paying rent! When you increase your credit score, you become eligible for lower interest rates on car purchases, credit cards, and possibly qualifying to buy a new home.
We can also add this to your current rental rate for only $6/mo.

   Add your positive rental payments to your credit report. TransUnion and Equifax. Tenants

   Our process is quick and easy! You can typically see results in two weeks after signing up. No two credit profiles are identical. However, we have generally seen a range of 20 – 60 point increases. For someone that has not established credit, it is possible for them to get a score above 640 fairly quickly. On the other side of the spectrum, if someone has an established strong credit profile, with all on-time payments, they will probably see a much lower impact to their credit score – as with adding any new trade line. Note